SN❄️W DAYS = HAIR PLAY featuring 🐶🐩 🐩can you guys spy all 3? 🙃🐾 Using @paulmitchellus #neurounclipped. 1️⃣Prepped hair with #hottoffthepress heat protection spray. 2️⃣Split Hair into 2 sections. 3️⃣ Hold wand upside down and wrap vertical sections starting from the top ( wide section of wand ) down to the bottom ( skinniest part of barrel ). 4️⃣THE DROP is very important catching the curl and scrunching it to allow to distribute heat within the coil and allow it to cool off for a few seconds before releasing 5️⃣ Spray roots of top section with @sexyhair dry shampoo for added volume wrap the same way 6️⃣ Let curls cool for atleast ✋🏽minutes. Brush or comb out curls / tease base if you like more volume, give it a toss & Hairspray with #bigfinish @goldwellus & VOILA!! #sexyhair WATCH & EARINGS FROM: @marijaneboutique

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